• The Psychological Dimensions of Pregnancy and Delivery

  • A description of the intense but quite normal psychological work engaged in by a pregnant woman, how it changes her relationship with her mate, what difference this work makes for her future relationship with the baby, how it all comes together at labor and delivery to the benefit or detriment of the mother-infant bond, and how the father finds a place in this process and prepares for the newborn’s arrival.

    This video includes clips of mothers and fathers discussing their pregnancies. As an educational tool, the tape is appropriate for childbirth preparation instructors and physician in-services, as well as for the training of infant mental health clinicians.

    Please understand that these are historical documents, from the early days of infant mental health.  They were made between 1982-1992, and reflect the research of that era (and before).  They continue to be offered because they are still regularly ordered, particularly in the UK, the US, and Australia, which seems to suggest that they are still of value.  They are offered for approximately one-third of their original prices.

    Available as a DVD video.

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