• Is Anyone In There? Adopting a Wounded Child

  • Companion video to "Multiple Transitions: A Young Child's Point of View on Foster Care and Adoption." This video is designed for the support of foster and adoptive parents, as well as for the training of professionals in child welfare. It acknowledges that caring for, and falling in love with a child who has been traumatized by abuse, loss or profound neglect bears little resemblance to the romantic stories about adoption often told to unsuspecting parents. Video is accompanied by a booklet offering a brief look at attachment disorders and listing references and available resources.

    Special Note: Regarding "Is Anyone In There? Adopting a Wounded Child" - This video was designed to tell a very specific and personal story, that of a parent who is startled to discover that she has just adopted a child who gives very little back, and whose behavior will challenge everything the parent thought she knew about parenting, and about love. It is NOT an easy film to watch. It is NOT a good recruiting film for adoptive parents. It is NOT about the joys of adoption. It does NOT tell every adoptive parent's story. It IS a breakthrough film for parents who have been struggling to find words to describe what is wrong. It IS an opportunity to forestall adoption disruption by demonstrating that the family's struggle makes sense, that they are not crazy, that there is help.

    Available in DVD or digital download.

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