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Martin Srajek, Ph.D., LCSW


While Dr. Srajek is now entirely independent of The Infant-Parent Institute (as of the end of 2015), he remains a dear friend and colleague, with whom Mr. Trout shares not only a long history, but a deep appreciation  for the developmental and clinical perspectives of infant mental health.

A native of Hamburg, Germany, Martin Srajek has lived in the US since 1985. He holds a degree in theology from the Universitaet Hamburg as well as a Masters degree and Ph.D. in Interreligious Dialogue and Philosophy from Temple University, Philadelphia.

After a period of lecturing in these disciplines at institutions across the country, Martin returned to the University of Illinois where he earned a Masters degree in Human and Community Development and a Masters Degree in Social Work. Dr. Srajek became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 2000 and has worked as a psychotherapist in private practice since that time. In his practice, Dr. Srajek works with individuals, couples and families, adults and children. While he has expertise in a number of areas, Dr. Srajek specializes in issues related to adoption, as well as the developmental, emotional and psychological issues of boys and men.

His approach and method draw on the rich background in psychology, religion and philosophy he brings to his work. His idea and passion for men's issues, however, are particularly the result of the encounter with fatherhood in his life. Dr. Srajek has three sons. (see

Brief Professional Vitae

Academic Training Philosophy and Religion - Ph.D. - 1992
Human and Community Development - M.S. - 1999
Social Work - MS - 1999

Professional Experience

Visiting Lecturer, Philosophy and Religion - Princeton University - 1989-91
Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religion - Swarthmore College - 1992-93
Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religion - Illinois Wesleyan University - 1992-96
Supervisor, Foster Care - Catholic Social Service - 1999
Clinical Supervisor, Foster Care - Catholic Social Service - 1999-2001
Psychotherapist in private practice with The Infant-Parent Institute - 2000 to 2015, as well as independently 2013 - present 

Phone: 217-637-2138


The address of Martin's clinical office is: 206 North Randolph Street, Suite 534, Champaign, IL 61820