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The Soul's Cord: A Method for Encountering the Unborn

Prenatal Bonding (Bindungs-Analyse by Raffai) opens a window to the womb and helps to create an intense bond between mother and  unborn baby. The method is at the same time an empowerment for the mother and the fetus and a great help for a full-term pregnancy and for giving birth much more easily. After birth the baby is easy to nurse and is in a solid attachment to his parents. 

Based on extensive research in Psychoanalysis and Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine, the Hungarian Psychoanalyst Jenoe Raffai, PhD developed a ground-breaking strategy to support pregnant women from gestation to birth. More than 7,000 cases in Europe and the USA have been facilitated, researched and carefully evaluated since 1995 with outstanding results for physical as well as emotional maturity of the babies. 

Before he died, Dr. Raffai gave approval for continued teaching of the method to practitioners around the world, including in the United States, to his German colleague, psychoanalyst Gerhard Schroth, MD and his partner, Anne Goertz-Schroth. 

The next international training series will begin in Gleisweiler, Germany (near Frankfort) in January, 2018, and will include four 4-day blocks through November, 2019. Registrants are invited from all fields associated with prenatal and perinatal psychology, including infant mental health, clinical and developmental psychology, clinical social work, psychoanalysis, obstetrics, midwifery, nursing, pediatrics and family medicine.

For information about the method or the new training series, or to register, contact Dr. Schroth via email: